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Transport and Shipping

Waiting is never fun. Especially when you're waiting for forklift trucks, spare parts, attachment or the new reachstacker you need for your business to keep moving. Fortunately, Forkliftcenter is committed to fast, efficient transport and shipping, no matter where in the world you might be. Our goal is have the forklift, reachstacker or port equipment you need on your site as quickly as possible. 

Equipment in stock and ready to go

We keep over 300 different pieces of forklift trucks and port equipment in stock, ready to go. This cuts your waiting time down considerably.  And with our super-efficient logistics team on the job, everyting goes even more quickly. We start processing your order the moment we receive it. And our transport team begins confirming shipping options at the same time. 

Conveniently Located

Our main site in the Netherlands is just a short distance from Schiphol Airport. And the shipping harbour is just around the corner. Whether you contact us about forklift rental, purchasing a reahstacker or in need of spare parts, we will have everything you need on it's way to you in no time. 

Contact us today

Would you like to know the time or costs involved in shipping or transporting a specific piece of equipment to your site? Contact us today! 

Keep on moving!
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