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  • Forklifts in all capacities!

    Forklifts in all capacities!

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    Port Equipment in all sizes

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Keep on Moving

Need to move something? Are you looking for a forklift or a reach stacker? Maybe you're after a terminal tractor or an (empty) container handler. When it comes to warehouse and port equipment, you'll find exactly what you need at Forkliftcenter. We stock all makes and models. From 1-10 ton forklifts and their big brothers in the 10-60 ton weight range forklifts, all the way through to mobile harbour cranes and container handlersread more

Forkliftcenter and Grimaldi partnering for the future.

News From Forkliftcenter


Forkliftcenter, a one-stop shop for forklifts and port equipment, has entered into a new agreement with shipping giant Grimaldi Group. This will see Forkliftcenter supply the Naples-based group with fifty-nine different machines, ranging from converted skid-steer loaders into car pushers to heavy forklifts with special attachments.. more news

buy rent or lease

Buy / Lease / Rent

Busy times ahead? Maybe you need the convenience of an extra forklift or terminal tractor. Perhaps you have a short-term demand for a reach stacker or a mobile harbour crane. And it's possible you're debating whether you'll have to bring in extra equipment for an upcoming project. Forkliftcenter will help you out. We know port equipment inside our and are more than happy to help you find best possible solution to all your short- and long-term need.

You'll find we offer a wide of machines, ranging from used reachstacker and container handlers to forklifts. All available for sale and rental. Contact us today! learn more

online video conference inspection

Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing. Especially when it comes to the abilities of heavy machinery. That is why we offer video inspections of machines at Forkliftcenter. You're able to see exactly what a machine is capable of and how it functions, in motion and it idle. Arrange your virtual test drive of a machine today! 

business updates


With branches in the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Dubai, Colombia, Panama and West Africa. Forkliftcenter is a global player. The swift delivery of warehouse and port equipment, as well as machine parts and attachments, is only part of what we do. With our extensive knowledge, experience and insight, we are proud to offer our clients targeted advice and assistance. Spare parts? Servicing? Transport? Expert advice? We offer eveything you need and more. Contact us today! learn more


Forkliftcenter and Grimaldi partnering for the future.

Forkliftcenter, a one-stop shop for forklifts and port equipment, has entered into a new agreement with shipping giant Grimaldi Group. This will see Forkliftcenter supply the... read more

Introducing of the new tool: a website that works with a Virtual Reality headset

Ever heard the word ‘Metaverse’? Put simply, a metaverse is a network of 3D worlds aimed at social connection. Forkliftcenter makes this possible. read more

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